Build your brand. Get sales. Grow your business.

By delivering prompt and memorable copy, I can make this happen. 

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Website Design for Start-ups- DIY or find a professional?

Should you hire someone to make your website or should you just do it yourself?

It’s the age-old problem that never strays far from the minds of entrepreneurs. An issue that’ll come back, twice as persistent, if you play it down as insignificant.

As an entrepreneur who’s been through his fair share of start-ups, I know that online presence is huge. If you’re not online in the 21st century- where everyone is in this digital era, your business isn’t anywhere.

How do I prepare to become an entrepreneur?


From SaaS start-ups to small roadside businesses, this world of innovation and its bright lights of success lure all of us in.

At first glance, business is much more appealing than the standard “graduating with a degree” career route. Following your own path as your own boss? Sign me up!

Yet it’s incredibly easy to lose sight of the immense road filled with speed bumps that gets you there. You can re-read the articles and listen to the podcasts on loop, but not every business is a get-rich-quick blitz.

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About Me

Build your brand. Get sales. Grow your business.

As a professional copywriter who has built up experience in various industries, having written copy for health-care businesses, tech start-ups, and finance blogs, I know what works.

Telling a story.

I believe that any piece of copy should resonate with your reader. By weaving a tale with words, anything can be achieved, especially the "buy-now" clicks that businesses want so badly. It's all second nature.

Talented and professional. Great multitasking, organizational, and verbal and written communication skills. Expertise includes writing content on topics such as business and marketing. Bringing infectious enthusiasm and a detail-oriented work ethic synonymous with quality performance.

That's not describing the perfect copywriter that's become so hard to find over the years.

You're looking at one right now.

One copywriter away from re-defining your business.